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Other Access

What if you could legally commit suicide at the age of 21 to provide benefits to your family?

Dive into the mystery, thriller series and learn more about Olgamarf and its people.

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Featured posts

The Shot
by Shankar Tripathi

It’s not easy to pull the trigger, even for the cold-hearted.

Ambiverts and Corridors
by Namrata Bodkhe

being an ambivert, ambivert, dilemma, ambivert problems

Being an ambivert is not an easy task, especially in corridors!

Everyday: A Women’s Day Story
by Sharvari

everyday womens day, womens day, late night woman, story about women, womens day story
It’s almost 11PM as Shalini finishes her work at the office and starts walking back home alone.

Norwegian Wood
by Sayali Ghodekar

She talked about million small things, details mostly, but never about feelings.


Being Woman, You Know…
by Minu Nymus

hartalika, pooja, flowers, collect

Navigate through the India of the 1970s with Minu, as she recounts experiences; both progressive and conservative, with wit,  innocence, and humor.

Tale of a few cities
by Madhumitra

Every city brings with it a new, wonderful experience.

Other Access
by Dhruv

other access, series, dystopian, novel, blog, write

What if you could legally commit suicide at the age of 21 to provide benefits to your family?

Popular posts

The Spectrum
by Sharvari

spectrum, men, women
What does it mean to be a man?

Motives, Failures, and Beyond
by Saunved

How do we, as a society that promotes and glorifies education deal with the failures?

Downsides of Downpours
by Namrata Bodkhe

splashing in a puddle
With great shower, comes great liability – the raincoats.

Am I still alive?
by Dr. Shreeprasad Sidhaye

icy winds of victory, kargil war, khalubar, lalit rai, manoj pandey, battle, batalik sector, kashmir, pakistan, war, coffee writers blog, read stories
This is the story of Yoginder Singh, the youngest person ever to be awarded the Param Veer Chakra.


magic, education, read articles, coffee writers blog, the coffee writers, english

makeup, sharvari, women, face, culture, tradition, masks, lipstick, red, lips, men, perspectives, form, google

sea, urchin, woman, tourist, traveler, learn, accident, experience

judgment or perspective, define judgment, define perspective, what is judgment, what is perspective

Philosophy and Psychology


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