Smile OK Please

Joanna Sam
22 Dec 2019

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Isn't it awesome when a stranger smiles at you? It makes your day, doesn't it?

Okay. I know. Only a total lunatic could be smiling at random people. But hey, I think it's really, really comforting in a 'life-is-yet-another-sitcom' kinda way. It makes you think the world isn't such a bad place after all. At that moment, you could imagine the whole world stop, drop what they're doing and start singing some happy-go-lucky jingle while making some classic Broadway moves. The spotlight's on the star - you. And when the chorus comes in, someone starts shrieking high notes in the background like they just walked out of 'Dreamgirls' or something. And you bet, everyone's synchronizing like the hands of a clock.

Back to smiling at random strangers, it's nice to know that you're not alone. You could be deeply upset with life but you then remember - we're all in this together, sailing the same boat. We're all fighting the same war. Smiling at your fellow warriors is just another lovely way of letting them know that we're all on the same side. Imagine soldiers grinning at each other on the battlefield. They'd flash their glorious pearly whites just seconds before they blew each other's heads right off with bazookas. Happy ending, right?

And what's even better? Let me tell you kid, smiling is good for you. It's a fantastic facial workout. It makes you and everyone around you feel great and the room lights up in an instant. Pretend you're Julia Roberts. Remind yourself of Joker. Doesn't that face look so warm, friendly, and inviting? Doesn't it?

You might as well look like a looney tune while you are smiling because we're all living in one big looney bin anyway. We just have to learn to stick up for each other, right?

Truth is, it doesn't matter if you look like your daddy went broke right before your dentist's appointment. It doesn't matter if your front teeth look like a broken piano. It doesn't matter if the Tooth Fairy visited you so often that she decided to move in with you. All that matters is that at some point in your life you need to let go of that frown and look stupid.

Trust me, making a fool out of yourself is a skill. A real talent. It just takes a random smile to flip someone's perspective right around and make them feel like a million bucks. And when they smile back, you feel like a superstar. Win-win.

Joanna Sam

Hello! I'm a creative - passionate about music, art, and writing. Also, an engineering student. Also, always trying to be a better human being

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