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Manas Mulay
25 Mar 2019

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So this is a very short post. If ye mortals have time away from your incessant phone notifications, your Insta updates, your Snapchat snaps (who uses Facebook anyway), pray, continue.

I know the human had always been a social animal. The wave of Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, and others ensured we remained thus. However, in came the smartphone (courtesy Apple and Android) and everybody was excited. The need to post updates about every second of your miserable life masked with filters made everyone happy. Now they could project a fake picture of their suspiciously awesome life.  No, Becky, you did not climb that mountain. You can barely climb one flight of stairs without falling short of breath.

Down came a new addiction. Being addicted to constant communication, live updates, and a continuous barrage of posts and memes (Reddit anyone?). And thus came the suppression of creativity.

“Alone-time” is what I believe, helps in content creation. I believe creative content comes not just from consuming content, but also keeping some time for yourself. The brain is a strange organ. It manipulates information and creates patterns in the most unimaginable ways. So if there’s constant input, there’s no time for you to pause and reflect. Or create something new.

Nowadays, there has been a mind-numbing effect of technology. We as a “tech-savvy” generation have gotten used to a constant input of entertainment. And like all things done in excess, we need more of it. When previously, one movie a week was all people needed to “de-stress” we now can’t stop boasting about the shows we’ve binge-watched, the movie marathons we’ve completed or the number of hours we’ve played video games. Oh! You haven’t checked your messages in the past 120seconds! Quite an achievement! Your mind must be starved for reading those messages or checking those insta posts of cute little dogs (or cats :p) jumping around.

 Time to face it. We have become a generation of lazy individuals, living on a “high” of memes and entertainment. It’s harder for us to focus on a task for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. And to top it all – OOH what that noise??? My Phone!?!! Looks like there’s a new meme sitting in my gallery!! LOL! LMAO! ROFL! I just died looking at it! 🙂

Manas Mulay

Loves to read, write, talk, walk and randomly roam about cities. Also cinema and guitars and much more.

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