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13 Mar 2018

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If you’re lacking some inspiration or you want to explore different styles of writing, these writing prompts are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

You can submit your writing prompts in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list. We’d love to read the stories you weave using these prompts!

The Gamble

After gambling all your money away, you’re sitting alone on a bench in the park.
A strange, demented man walks up to you and whispers, “Kill me and you can have a million dollars from this suitcase.”

He keeps a gun in your hand.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

The Tree of Knowledge

While walking through a forest, you find a huge tree with many books surrounding it.
You move closer to investigate. From a distance, you see the title of a book. It reads, “We are humans. Help us!”

Source: Coffee Writers Blog


Your car gets stuck in the mud in a swampy area during dusk. While you’re trying to get it out, two young boys wearing ironed, black suits walk out of the trees and motion you to follow them.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

The environmentalist

Trees have become sentient and begun moving around, destroying man-made structures. You are appointed as a diplomat to sort out the issues between trees and humans.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Puppet singer

You are a famous singer on a World Tour. When you open your mouth to sing, you realize that you aren’t in control of your voice or your words. It’s as if somebody is controlling what you are saying.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Death wishes

You have been living peacefully in a bottle for the last three hundred years when suddenly the stopper opens and you squeeze yourself out. ‘Grant me your wishes!’ a young girl squeals. You are scared because the only wishes you can grant are death wishes.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Circle of Life

Scientists manage to prove that reincarnation exists. They can even trace where you are born after you die in experimental conditions. The only problem is, people who aren’t happy with their lives have started committing suicide to be born in better places.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Call me back

You get a call at 2AM. The person on the other side sounds distressed.
“Call me back if you don’t want to die in the next 24 hours!” he says.
You cut the call. You think it’s a prank call until you look out the window. Strange people with guns in their hands have gathered outside your house.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

The simulation

After you die, you wake up in a dingy basement. You have a ton of wires attached to your head.
Your friend asks you, “So, how was the simulation?”

Source: Coffee Writers Blog


You wake up to find your friend completely replaced by another person, who talks and behaves in the same way. You decide to investigate.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

The Creator

You get the power to bring non-living things to life. What do you do?

Source: Coffee Writers Blog


A scientist invents a machine that predicts the future based on your past. The government starts using the machine to wipe out the “non-essential” population. It’s up to the scientist and his supporters to save the world.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Not so simple

Five seemingly unrelated people who have survived a plane crash discover that their lives are related in a complex way. 

Source: Coffee Writers Blog


You work as a waiter in a restaurant. You start doubting that your manager is not what he portrays himself to be. Maybe he is a spy.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog

Giving back

On Christmas, a 5-year-old takes his bike and leaves in the hope of finding Santa; to thank him and to give him a gift.

Source: Coffee Writers Blog



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