The fire within

Radhika Pol
19 Jul 2018

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The human mind is magical. The ability to multitask can be learned best from none other than humans, right? The other day I read a meme on Instagram which I think reflects the avid dedication we put into our everyday lives.

I put the clothes in the oven, the dishes in the washing machine, dusted the garden and ironed
my books. Who says I can’t multitask?

Ever felt like you were exhausted and needed a break? Almost every other day!
Say you have been working even on weekends for the past 3 months because your boss told you the workload is high, you are frustrated and tired. So what do you do? Take a day off, go out with your friends and party into the night. Throw away your phone and take a solo road-trip where nobody can bother you, or just take a long, relaxing shower or even read a book or listen to your favorite music.

Following your dreams can sometimes feel like taking a vacation from life. It is like those days off from your mundane routine that re-energize you to work like a donkey for all the other days.
Slowly and gradually, the donkey-work gets easier and easier to deal with, until you become so successful in achieving your dream that you don’t have to do it anymore. So following your dream could be creating a life you wouldn’t need to take a vacation from.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. They can be something as simple as learning to read from your granddaughter to something as ambitious as forming your own startup with your best friends. It can be getting the chai right for your in-laws before the so-called “arranged” marriage to gifting your mother a pair of diamond earrings she always wanted from your first salary.

Dreams don’t follow a schedule. They can come to you while listening to heavy metal at 2 am, looking out of the train window, listening to the chugging rhythm of the wheels on the track. Every lamp post which goes by lights up your eyes with the hopes that make your heart feel warm. It’s sometimes all about this solitude that makes you trust your gut even in the craziest of times.
The most concealed parts of you which you are too self-conscious to put out there begin to seem not so crazy anymore.
There are always times when reality hits us and anchors us down. It’s in such times that dreams keep our boats afloat. They give us the power to dare, to believe, and to achieve.

Dreams can make your inhibitions fade away with the voices of the people in your head. Then there is just you and what your heart tells you to do, resonating through your soul like waves crashing on the shore during a storm. You might even be at peace with your mind but at the same time, you feel an indescribable burning passion in your heart. How much ever you try to suppress that part of yourself, there’s always going to be a hidden spark that makes you want to dream. Never let the passion fade. It is a part of life which has become a necessity in a world with stiff rules and stringent deadlines.

Whenever I feel inspired to dream big, I remember this famous song by The Script, called

All the hurt, all the lies
All the tears that they cry,
When the moment is just right,
You see fire in their eyes

‘Cause he’s stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to glow

When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been working every day and night,
That’s how a superhero learns to fly

Radhika Pol

Dreamer. All about passion. Music lover. Writing keeps me sane.

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