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अस्सं माहेर सुरेख बाई

माहेर म्हटलं की कितीतरी आठवणी मनात फेर धरून नाचू लागतात. वाड्यावाड्यातून भोंडल्याचा फेर धरून म्हटलेले टिपेचे सूर घुमू लागतात. “आक्कण माती चिक्कण माती …”, “कारल्याचा वेल लाव ग सुने मग जा अपुल्या माहेराला, कारल्याचा वेल लावला हो सासूबाई आता तरी जाऊ द्या माहेरा …” — असे म्हणताना त्या सुनेवर होणारा अन्याय पाहून आम्ही जरा जास्तच आवेशात सासरला नावे ठेवत फेर नाचत असू. Continue reading > Experiences, Marathi, Women
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Remember me

Nurse Mindy wheeled the squeaky hospital cart through the oncoming rush of concerned family members. Her job was restricted to delivering medicines. And she was glad about it. The things other nurses had to do. She had taken up nursing as a profession, but over the years she’d started hating the cries and wails of patients. Continue reading > English, Stories
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The Spectrum

While I was driving to college one day, I came across an advertisement for a famous show on the radio, which, on one of the days was going to address the topic of equality for women. In this advertisement, the woman exclaimed, “Real mard auraton ki tarah nahi behave karte” (real men do not act like women). Continue reading > English, Experiences, Ideas, Philosophy, Women