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Natasha Mehra Must Die: Part Two

Natasha Mehra hated her name. Probably because all throughout childhood, kids, with their characteristic antipathy towards addressing their peers by anything but mono or disyllabic monikers, had reduced her name to Nuts. Not Nats, which might have still had some tenuous pretension to coolness, but Nuts. Continue reading > English, Stories
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Natasha Mehra Must Die: Part One

“I’m never going to get to kiss Patrick Walters . . .”        That was the only thought that ran through her head as the life blood gushed out of her stomach. A rather incongruous thing to think about while being chased by a gunman who had already put one bullet into her body and, by the sound of it, seemed desirous of implanting a few more.         She couldn’t help it though; her mind had disconnected from her reality even as her body did all that it could to help her stay alive. Continue reading > English, Excerpt, Stories
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India’s Most Fearless

This is a summary of a story from the book India’s Most Fearless. Sqn Ldr Ritul Sharma, nearing 30 and newly married is a MiG 29 pilot. On a clear sunny day in Jamnagar, he was given the task of carrying out certain maneuvers at supersonic speed, to test engine and frame capability to a ‘stretched to the limit’ state. Continue reading > English, Experiences, Stories