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25 Jan 2019

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Editor’s Note

The uncanny resemblance of this script with actual Hindi daily soaps makes me wonder if Namrata used to write for TV before. If you’d like her to write these “daily”, let her know in the comments below.

Episode #352

Parvati: protagonist – daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family, the epitome of goodness
Pari: Parvati’s daughter – the epitome of cuteness and innocence
Dadi: grey, evergreen character, age has no major effect on her beauteousness as such
Kimaya: Parvati’s sister-in-law and Dadi’s granddaughter,  antagonist – dedicated to causing slight inconveniences
Golu ke papa: Kimaya’s husband who is a ‘ghar jamai’ (live-in-son-in-law)
Golu: Kimaya and her husband’s son.


Parvati sits at the dining table, which is in front of the mandir (temple). Prepares the ‘pooja thali’.

 Her daughter, Pari comes running to her.

    (hugs Parvati)
    Mumma! Good morning

Dadi enters the living room. She is in a wheelchair. A four-inch wide strand of white hair runs through her forelock and mid scalp. The strand surprisingly does not contribute any whiteness to her bun though.

Even after the leap of seven years, she looks surprisingly young, despite the fact that her seventieth birthday was celebrated in EPISODE #30.

    Say ‘pranam’ Pari. You should wish your elders by saying ‘pranam’.
PARI ignores DADI as she is not really fond of her. DADI was often caught red-handed by PARI. This happens every time when DADI is foolishly planning things against PARVATI with KIMAYA in a room. DADI and KIMAYA always forget to lock the door and love to discuss in loud voices.

    (pretends to be very cute)
    Mumma, why do we pray?

KIMAYA enters the living room. She spills some oil in the way to the mandir. Stands next to DADI. They join each other to negate out the positivity in the environment brought by the mandir, the prayer thali, and innocent questions asked by the too cute PARI.

They resort to eye rolls, single eyebrow raises, and mutual exchange of eye contact approving disgust to produce negative vibes. Protagonists are blind to these facial cues.

    (still over-preparing the pooja thali)
    Because, dear, Bhagwanji fulfills your wishes and helps you in your difficult time.

    (shows very little amusement)

    Yes. Do you remember the time when DADI was in the hospital and was very ill?



DADI is beyond critical in the ICU. All the remaining fourteen family members are present there. Everyone is tensed.

PARVATI looks through the window of the ICU door to see unconscious DADI not doing her best to influence the ECG. Dadi is still wearing a hint of light pink lipstick, mascara, and concealer. She panics and runs to a mandir in the Hospital which is very conveniently on the same floor.

The other thirteen people spot Parvati and follow her. Suddenly the mandir has witnessed a family reunion with fourteen people praying with closed eyes with their palms pressed against each other.

    Please Lord, save DADI! We need her, we are not ready to lose her.

GOLU KE PAPPA comes forward. Everyone around him is shocked as he is seasonal and is not usually around for many not-so-serious happenings.

            GOLU KE PAPA
    Yes, Lord! Please save DADI. I have to tell her how much she means to me. I have been a bad son-in-law. Please Lord!

GOLU is spotted wiping a tear rolling down his left eye.

The whole family stands in front of the mandir until the fast-paced Sanskrit mantra (chanting) playing in the background ends.

The doctor comes out of the ICU and looks for the family members. The family members come running to the doctor. GOLU is leading the running group.

    What happened, doctor? Is everything alright?

    Don’t worry. She is out of danger. You should thank God. Not everyone is able to make it at this age.

With 20% medical science contribution and 80% ‘prayer knowledge’ contribution, DADI is able to increase the excitement of ECG. DADI is even lifting the forefinger to prove her consciousness further.



    And that’s why you should pray to Bhagwanji.

PARI looks satisfied with the answer. Still, she is low-key not pleased with the fact that Bhagwanji wasted His powers on DADI.

PARVATI smiles and pulls PARI’s cheeks. She lifts up the pooja thali and starts walking towards the mandir. She steps on the spilled oil. She slips and falls. The pooja thali also falls making a shattering noise.

    (runs toward PARVATI)

PARVATI looks at the fallen pooja thali with a lot of concern. KIMAYA smirks hard. DADI smirks hard. PARVATI and PARI have always been blind to these occasional smirks.

    (shows fake concern)

    Oh no PARVATI! What have you done? You dropped the pooja thali. This is a huge ‘apshagun’ (ill omen).

KIMAYA smirks harder. PARI and PARVATI look too concerned.

PARVATI’s MOBILE PHONE RINGS. PARI runs and brings the MOBILE PHONE to Parvati. PARVATI takes up the call.

            RANDOM DOCTOR(V.O)
    Mrs. Parvati Kapoor?


            RANDOM DOCTOR(V.O)
    I am Dr. Khurana from J.K Hospital. Your husband Mr. Rajesh Kapoor has met with a serious accident.

The mobile phone drops from her hand. PARVATI’s face turns whiter as the fast-paced Sanskrit mantra (chanting) in the background becomes obnoxiously loud. 

* * *

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