Confessions of a Stingy Shopaholic

Her eyes widened with excitement as she stepped off the local tram onto the busy and breezy street. It was a new city, a new country and so a whole new collection of things! Things she needed, things she wanted, things she wanted but didn’t need and thinks she didn’t even know she needed.… Read more>

The shot

There was an eerie sense of stillness and calm in the room. It was almost picturesque, located in the thick of the woods, complete with dancing rays of the sun and petrichor emanating from the wet grass, if one could ignore the red smeared on the walls all over.… Read more>

Stop This Train

When I was 6 years old I thought that becoming older was the only way I would get more chocolates to eat. Now that I’m 20, I wish I didn’t have to remind myself to eat fewer chocolates for my own sake.… Read more>
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It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I was standing on the roof of our kitchen, three feet away from the roof of our neighbor’s house. Lali was standing there, asking me to jump towards her. She’d just jumped across and was insisting that I do the same.… Read more>

Prescribed Reflections

Like any red-blooded teenager, I was very conscious of my body throughout high school, but despite hating myself in pictures I would still look at the mirror and see some level of beauty. Looking back now I wonder how that was even possible.… Read more>

Norwegian Wood

PART I: The Song. She once said, “I can feel it on a spiritual level, the cosmic sound of the Sitar played by Harrison. Lennon, so close, standing right in front me, right here, singing, to me. It awakens a feeling, a long-lost one.” Norwegian Wood by The Beatles was playing on the gramophone.… Read more>