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Tale of some cities

A tale of some cities

Aboli Ghodekar

Pune is an old grandpa; the one who always has an anecdote to share. Despite his old age, however, he is a far cry from being senile. At this age, he is neither counting his blessings nor his wrinkles. His children left him alone to pursue their education abroad and unlike boomerangs, they never came back.

The shot

The Shot

Shankar Tripathi

There was an eerie sense of stillness and calm in the room. It was almost picturesque, located in the thick of the woods, complete with dancing rays of the sun and petrichor emanating from the wet grass, if one could ignore the red smeared on the walls all over.

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

Sayali Ghodekar

She once said, “I can feel it on a spiritual level, the cosmic sound of the Sitar played by Harrison. Lennon, so close, standing right in front me, right here, singing, to me. It awakens a feeling, a long-lost one.” Norwegian Wood by The Beatles was playing on the gramophone.

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Art of Learning

Book review: The art of learning


At the age of six, Josh Waitzkin was exposed to chess for the first time as he walked through Washington Square Park. The mystical pieces laid out on the marble board transfixed him, and thereafter his love and understanding for the game deepened.

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Everyday: A Women's Day Story


Shalini turned off her laptop and kept the final copy on her boss’s desk. Most of the lights in the office were already out. She checked her phone. 22:40, Saturday, 8th March. She recalled it was Women’s Day.  She’d been too busy today.

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Vaishnavi Sreenivas

Amit woke up with the worst headache and groggily sat up in his bed. He had had too much to drink last night. But it was totally justified this time; why shouldn’t he have celebrated? So when his friends shoved bottles into his mouth he let the burning liquids pour through his newly freed throat.

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Being woman, you know

Minu Nymus

Navigate through the India of the 1970s with Minu, as she recounts experiences; both progressive and conservative, with wit,  innocence, and humor. Empowering in parts, it makes you wonder how far we have come, and how much farther we need to go.

Other Access

Other Access


What if you could legally commit suicide at the age of 21 to provide benefits to your family? Set on the island of Olgamarf, Other Access shows us how easily people can be subdued and manipulated to serve “the collective good.”

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Dr. Shreeprasad Sidhaye

Published a few weeks before the release of Uri, this series is about the Surgical Strike as it happened, based on data collected from various interviews and documentaries by Dr. Shreeprasad Sidhaye.


Tale of a few cities


Every city brings with it some wonderful new experiences…

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