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Other Access: Part Six

They’d been working continuously for the last six hours. Pyrel’s head was heavy and his eyes were sore. Derek sat in a corner of the room, making shrewd observations once in a while, suggesting new ideas and asking everyone to cooperate if things got a little out of hand.… Read more>

The Art of Learning: Book Review

At the age of six, Josh Waitzkin was exposed to chess for the first time as he walked through Washington Square Park. The mystical pieces laid out on the marble board transfixed him, and thereafter his love and understanding for the game deepened.… Read more>
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Other Access: Part Five

Pyrel hadn’t slept a wink. He stood staring up at the creaking ceiling fan, watching the play of light and shadows because of the streetlight streaming in through the window. Derek’s words echoed in his ears, and he muttered them slowly,‘Do it for Sirek.… Read more>
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Amit woke up with the worst headache and groggily sat up in his bed. He had had too much to drink last night. But it was totally justified this time; why shouldn’t he have celebrated? So when his friends shoved bottles into his mouth he let the burning liquids pour through his newly freed throat.… Read more>
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A full stop

It’s a horrifying sight, looking at a blank paper. Words are apparently supposed to be this magical cure; you use them as an elixir to pour your grief, your sorrows, your worries on paper, and vent out your frustrations. It helps if there is music being played in the background, maybe something alt or soothing, Bach or Cigarettes After Sex, whatever your poison may be.… Read more>
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Other Access: Part Four

‘I need to go home. My mother is waiting for me,’ Pyrel said.‘We know you don’t have much time. We want to show you something,’ the bearded man said.‘What?’‘Do the words other access and outside world sound familiar to you?’‘How did you-’‘We know  what you searched for.… Read more>