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Broken Shoes In New York

When you’re a kid, everything seems grander; all foreign lands, especially the ones too far. So did America. In a strange way, they feel different from us. I wasn’t able to comprehend what exactly contributed to this feeling as a kid.… Read more>
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The Universe has a strange sense of humor

A few days ago, I was talking to someone who told me that they hadn’t seen a sunset or a sunrise. Metro cities don’t provide a clear view, and the high rises are a distraction to the eyes. I had completely forgotten about a star gazing party organized by the Astronomy Club on the college campus called Celestia.… Read more>
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Trek to Bhrigu Lake

“Tekuji Bachaooooo (Teku uncle please save me),” I shouted as my leg slipped on the snowy mountain slope. We were about to reach Bhrigu lake. It was famous for never freezing completely, even in frigid conditions. After 3 days of trekking, our trip was slowly coming to an end.… Read more>
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Living in Seychelles

When I was 14, my parents got an opportunity to go abroad. It was a big step in their medical careers. Within a few weeks, we’d boarded the plane that took us to a paradise called Seychelles.  There were beautiful, lush green mountains everywhere.… Read more>

Tale of a few cities – Sangli

While growing up in a small town in India, I always had a strong attraction towards skyscrapers; towards cities that never slept and the people there who worked there tirelessly to achieve their dreams and ambitions. The “Bollywood movies” that showed all these things influenced me a lot.… Read more>
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The Sea Urchin

They show you churches, town halls, bell towers for city tours but never hospitals. This was a different place. The air tense, and the hustle, unsettling. Everyone was engrossed doing their own thing in the lobby; waiting to see the doctor, taking care of the patients, getting the medicines… That was when I visited the city hospital of Mauritius, limping with about a dozen sea urchin spines in my left foot.… Read more>