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Other Access: Part Six

They’d been working continuously for the last six hours. Pyrel’s head was heavy and his eyes were sore. Derek sat in a corner of the room, making shrewd observations once in a while, suggesting new ideas and asking everyone to cooperate if things got a little out of hand.… Read more>
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Other Access: Part Five

Pyrel hadn’t slept a wink. He stood staring up at the creaking ceiling fan, watching the play of light and shadows because of the streetlight streaming in through the window. Derek’s words echoed in his ears, and he muttered them slowly,‘Do it for Sirek.… Read more>
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Other Access: Part Four

‘I need to go home. My mother is waiting for me,’ Pyrel said.‘We know you don’t have much time. We want to show you something,’ the bearded man said.‘What?’‘Do the words other access and outside world sound familiar to you?’‘How did you-’‘We know  what you searched for.… Read more>

Other Access: Part Three

Pyrel turned on his rickety, old computer and waited for the logo of the Collective to disappear. He executed a script that disconnected his computer from the grid. Suspicious keywords were tracked over the network and the guards would be at his place in a few minutes if they found out.… Read more>

Other Access: Part Two

75 years ago ‘You put your faith in me. You chose me from the darkness, you gave this country the hope it deserved and allowed me to lead you. Today, ten long years have passed my friends. Ten long years since you chose me.’ Gerog Brylich paused.… Read more>
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Other Access: Part One

‘It’s called other access. I’ll show you on Thursday. Don’t tell anyone,’ Sirek had said. Sirek had been acting weird for a few weeks. He would forget his assignments, come late to the Education Center, and get irritated for no reason.… Read more>