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A full stop

It’s a horrifying sight, looking at a blank paper. Words are apparently supposed to be this magical cure; you use them as an elixir to pour your grief, your sorrows, your worries on paper, and vent out your frustrations. It helps if there is music being played in the background, maybe something alt or soothing, Bach or Cigarettes After Sex, whatever your poison may be.… Read more>

Stop This Train

When I was 6 years old I thought that becoming older was the only way I would get more chocolates to eat. Now that I’m 20, I wish I didn’t have to remind myself to eat fewer chocolates for my own sake.… Read more>

Prescribed Reflections

Like any red-blooded teenager, I was very conscious of my body throughout high school, but despite hating myself in pictures I would still look at the mirror and see some level of beauty. Looking back now I wonder how that was even possible.… Read more>

The boy who cried depression

To begin with, I wanted this to be an essay with citations from journals and papers on psychiatry and clinical depression to make my point. But, I’m no student of psychology or psychiatry and I do not believe in half-knowledge; especially in such cases.… Read more>
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The fire within

The human mind is magical. The ability to multitask can be learned best from none other than humans, right? The other day I read a meme on Instagram which I think reflects the avid dedication we put into our everyday lives.… Read more>
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Old enough?

Anita’s mother grabbed the phone from her hands. ‘Who are you talking to?’ she shouted, trying to unlock the screen. ‘I was just talking to a friend!’ Anita said. ‘Show me,’ her mother said. ‘Give me my phone back first,’ Anita said.… Read more>