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Editor’s Note The uncanny resemblance of this script with actual Hindi daily soaps makes me wonder if Namrata used to write for TV before. If you’d like her to write these “daily”, let her know in the comments below. SCRIPT KAHAANI ‘HUMDRUM’ KIIEpisode #352 Parvati: protagonist – daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family, the epitome of goodness Pari: Parvati’s daughter – the epitome of cuteness and innocenceDadi: grey, evergreen character, age has no major effect on her beauteousness as suchKimaya: Parvati’s sister-in-law and Dadi’s granddaughter,  antagonist – dedicated to causing slight inconveniencesGolu ke papa: Kimaya’s husband who is a ‘ghar jamai’ (live-in-son-in-law)Golu: Kimaya and her husband’s son. Continue reading > English, Featured, Humor, Stories
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The final flight

Standing at the edge of the flight deck, the shimbu-tai, or Special Attack Unit insignia on my arm listened against the rising sun as the cool morning breeze almost swept away my side cap. Frantic in motion, I stopped it from flying into the sunrise; losing it was a sign of death at the hands of the enemy. Continue reading > English, Experiences, Featured, Stories
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Theme reveal: Dreams

The Coffee Writers Blog is starting something cool this summer! We are glad to announce that we have a theme-based month coming up in July and we’re inviting everyone to write. Our followers on Instagram have selected ‘Dreams’ as the theme for the month of June. Continue reading > English, Featured, Ideas