Of breaks and comebacks

22 Apr 2018

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What would happen if you were to run and run, and run for miles without stopping, without water or food, an endless run on an endless road? Well, it’s quite obvious that you would eventually burn out. We’re humans after all. Without rest, food and water, we cannot function beyond a certain extent. During the last three weeks, we took this ‘rest’ at the Coffee Writers Blog due to the academic obligations of the editors.

Yes, we’ve received some interesting submissions during this time, and we are busy editing already. If you submitted a post in the last few weeks, you should receive a reply from us soon.

As readers, you can expect to receive new post updates from us on a regular basis now. We apologize for the unprecedented delay and hope that we can continue providing a seamless, enjoyable experience in the coming months and years.

Just like an athlete that’s invigorated after having some food and rest, we hope we can run longer this time and plan well in advance for the future. Breaks are fine as long as the comeback is stronger, and we like to believe that we will come back with full spirit and vigor.

If you are a first-time reader, I’d like to welcome you to the Coffee Writers Blog. We are a community blog, where we encourage people from various walks of life to share their experiences, ideas or stories, both fictional and non-fictional. We started in February of 2018, barely three months ago, and we’ve received over seven thousand unique views in that time.

Feel free to catch up on posts you might have missed since the inception of the blog. You can find categorized English posts on the Explore page. Similarly, you can read Marathi posts here. If you are looking to Submit an article, just head over to the Submit page. Publishing your article along with editing it is both free of charge and you have full control over the content you submit.

We would like to welcome you back again for a wonderful round of stories, ideas, and experiences. If you have any suggestions about the website, feel free to comment below or drop us an email at hello@coffeewritersblog.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


I write stories and poems and compose songs when I’m feeling inspired. I love meeting artists and creators and collaborating with them. Talk to me about books, movies, music, food, cats, dogs and coffee!

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