Surgical Strike: Part Two

On getting an instantaneous ‘yes’, the Government asked the Army to submit plans for approval. Now as the ‘possibility’ had become a ‘reality’, efforts from the Army intensified, particularly on real-time intelligence. Getting a yes from the Government was a major step.… Read more>

Surgical Strike: Part One

This is the story of the surgical strike by India’s Para Special Forces into PoK on 29th September 2016. This write-up is based upon my personal interpretation of YouTube video interviews of Lt. Gen. (retired) D S Hooda and Nimbhorkar, the book India’s Most Fearless, and the documentary “Special Operations India”.… Read more>

Am I still alive?

This write up is based upon Yoginderji’s personal narration to Dr. Shreeprasad Sidhaye.  A young boy from Uttar Pradesh, named Yoginder Singh Yadav,19, was serving in the 18th Grenadiers Battalion of the Indian Army. He had come on a leave to his hometown sometime around April 1999 for his marriage.… Read more>
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The Icy Winds of Victory

Col (now retd.) Lalit Rai was commanding the  1/11 Gorkha Battalion during the Kargil conflict of 1999 and was posted in the Batalik sector. The enemy had occupied the commanding peaks. They also had a clear head start of a few months and hence had acquired a very strong position.… Read more>
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India’s Most Fearless

This is a summary of a story from the book India’s Most Fearless. Sqn Ldr Ritul Sharma, nearing 30 and newly married is a MiG 29 pilot. On a clear sunny day in Jamnagar, he was given the task of carrying out certain maneuvers at supersonic speed, to test engine and frame capability to a ‘stretched to the limit’ state.… Read more>