The boy who cried depression

To begin with, I wanted this to be an essay with citations from journals and papers on psychiatry and clinical depression to make my point. But, I’m no student of psychology or psychiatry and I do not believe in half-knowledge; especially in such cases.… Read more>
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Broken Shoes In New York

When you’re a kid, everything seems grander; all foreign lands, especially the ones too far. So did America. In a strange way, they feel different from us. I wasn’t able to comprehend what exactly contributed to this feeling as a kid.… Read more>
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Understanding settings with “The Hobbit”

The world your character lives in has started taking a beautiful shape in your mind. All that needs to be done is putting it on paper so that you can share it with your audience. Sounds simple right? Would you write a blob of text that goes on describing the setting till you think you’ve done enough justice to it?… Read more>
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Everyday: A women’s day story

Shalini turned off her laptop and kept the final copy on her boss’s desk. Most of the lights in the office were already out. She checked her phone. 22:40, Saturday, 8th March. She recalled it was Women’s Day.  She’d been too busy today.… Read more>