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It’s a Woman’s World

I looked up as the doorbell rang. It probably is the newspaper girl, I thought as I opened the door. Instead, I had our neighbor Mrs. Roberta standing. Ugh, not her again, I groaned on the inside as I cracked a half-hearted smile and welcomed her in. Continue reading > English
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A full stop

It’s a horrifying sight, looking at a blank paper. Words are apparently supposed to be this magical cure; you use them as an elixir to pour your grief, your sorrows, your worries on paper, and vent out your frustrations. It helps if there is music being played in the background, maybe something alt or soothing, Bach or Cigarettes After Sex, whatever your poison may be. Continue reading > English, Experiences, Ideas, Philosophy
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The final flight

Standing at the edge of the flight deck, the shimbu-tai, or Special Attack Unit insignia on my arm listened against the rising sun as the cool morning breeze almost swept away my side cap. Frantic in motion, I stopped it from flying into the sunrise; losing it was a sign of death at the hands of the enemy. Continue reading > English, Experiences, Featured, Stories
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The shot

There was an eerie sense of stillness and calm in the room. It was almost picturesque, located in the thick of the woods, complete with dancing rays of the sun and petrichor emanating from the wet grass, if one could ignore the red smeared on the walls all over. Continue reading > English, Experiences, Stories