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Old enough?

Anita’s mother grabbed the phone from her hands. ‘Who are you talking to?’ she shouted, trying to unlock the screen. ‘I was just talking to a friend!’ Anita said. ‘Show me,’ her mother said. ‘Give me my phone back first,’ Anita said.… Read more> English, Ideas, Stories, Women
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Awesome writing tips from the Elements of Style

The Elements of Style is a rare read. Minimal yet concise, it manages to get the point across without drifting into unnecessary opinions or ideas. I read it in one go a few weeks ago and I decided to read it over and over again so as to imbibe some of the tips and bring them out in my writing eventually.… Read more> Resources
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Understanding different types of settings in stories

The setting is both the time and geographic location within a narrative or within a work of fiction. A literary element, the setting helps initiate the main backdrop and mood for a story.
Without defining our setting properly, our story will suffer, because the reader will want to know where and when your story is taking place.… Read more> Resources
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Of breaks and comebacks

What would happen if you were to run and run, and run for miles without stopping, without water or food, an endless run on an endless road? Well, it’s quite obvious that you would eventually burn out. We’re humans after all.… Read more> English, Ideas