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Editor’s Note The uncanny resemblance of this script with actual Hindi daily soaps makes me wonder if Namrata used to write for TV before. If you’d like her to write these “daily”, let her know in the comments below. SCRIPT KAHAANI ‘HUMDRUM’ KIIEpisode #352 Parvati: protagonist – daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family, the epitome of goodness Pari: Parvati’s daughter – the epitome of cuteness and innocenceDadi: grey, evergreen character, age has no major effect on her beauteousness as suchKimaya: Parvati’s sister-in-law and Dadi’s granddaughter,  antagonist – dedicated to causing slight inconveniencesGolu ke papa: Kimaya’s husband who is a ‘ghar jamai’ (live-in-son-in-law)Golu: Kimaya and her husband’s son.… Read more> English, Featured, Humor, Stories
splashing in a puddle
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Downsides of Downpours

When I used to walk to my school, I thought anyone on the road using any sort of transport was being annoying. When I started riding a bicycle to the school, I thought anyone on the road using any sort of transport including the pedestrians but me (of course) was annoying.… Read more> English, Experiences, Humor, Stories
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The stalk talk

Dear Beloved, I’ve not been able to tell you how terribly I’m missing you since the day you’ve blocked me in whichever way possible. You’ve blocked my fake accounts also! Seriously, how did you come to know about them? Don’t you see, you are also keeping a close watch on me as I keep a watch on you!… Read more> English, Humor, Women
being an ambivert, ambivert, dilemma, ambivert problems
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Ambiverts and Corridors

Being an ambivert is not an easy task. There are extroverts on one side who are judged for being over friendly. On the other side, there are sworn-to-secrecy introverts. It is a problem for the ambiverts though who aren’t too sure about which side of the spectrum they lie on.… Read more> English, Experiences, Humor