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Kinni was narrating the story of a movie she had recently watched, “And you know Minu, when they saw each other, they immediately knew that they were brothers … even though they met each other after 20 years!”“But Kinni,” I said, “the younger brother was just a year old when they parted.… Read more>
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It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I was standing on the roof of our kitchen, three feet away from the roof of our neighbor’s house. Lali was standing there, asking me to jump towards her. She’d just jumped across and was insisting that I do the same.… Read more>

Long skirts

My cousin Savitri was just seven months older than me. One day, my mother told me that Savitri was now a ‘big girl’. I immediately understood what she meant. I was definitely not as innocent and foolish as I had been 2 years ago.… Read more>
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It was a beautiful morning. It had just stopped raining and the sun’s rays cast a golden green glow everywhere. Sangita, Kinni, Sonu and I were busy plucking flowers and leaves from the gardens of the entire neighborhood. We were collecting it for today’s Hartalika Puja. … Read more>
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You know — I think I was 10. My cousin Savitri came to us for a visit during the summer vacation. The two of us and my neighborhood friend Kinni were of the same age. We used to play a lot all day long, but one day in the afternoon I couldn’t find both of them, so I started looking.… Read more>
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A mute son

You know — I remember it was June of 1973, because I’d just had my 10th birthday. Kinni and I were coming back from school. As we approached her house I saw that it was full of her female relatives. Kinni ran to her house.… Read more>