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Living in Seychelles

When I was 14, my parents got an opportunity to go abroad. It was a big step in their medical careers. Within a few weeks, we’d boarded the plane that took us to a paradise called Seychelles.  There were beautiful, lush green mountains everywhere.… Read more>

Tale of a few cities – Sangli

While growing up in a small town in India, I always had a strong attraction towards skyscrapers; towards cities that never slept and the people there who worked there tirelessly to achieve their dreams and ambitions. The “Bollywood movies” that showed all these things influenced me a lot.… Read more>

Fears of settling with mediocrity

Every child is special for their parents. That child is raised to believe that anything and everything is achievable if you work hard; that they should dream big and chase their dreams. My parents used to take me to watch the circus every year.… Read more>