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Theme reveal: Dreams

The Coffee Writers Blog is starting something cool this summer! We are glad to announce that we have a theme-based month coming up in July and we’re inviting everyone to write. Our followers on Instagram have selected ‘Dreams’ as the theme for the month of June.… Read more> English, Featured, Ideas
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A Cup of Tea

It was 5pm and the alarm on the phone went off. For the first time ever, it was silenced without being snoozed. How could she think of stealing a few more minutes of sleep while her heart trembled with fear? Her mind was saturated with mugged up chapters.… Read more> English, Experiences, Stories
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कुत्रे पाळण्याचा कोणताही पूर्वानुभव गाठीशी नाही. याबाबतीत पाटी कोरीच. शी-शू साठी माझी मदत होणार नाही हे मी स्पष्ट कबूल करून घेतलेले. तरीही ५ डिसेंबरला जन्मलेले ते इवलेसे काळेभोर पिल्लू आमच्याकडे आले ! … आणि “लॅब्रॅडॉर” नावाची कुत्र्यांची ब्रीड असते हा शोध मला त्या दिवशी लागला !… Read more> Experiences, Marathi, Stories