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You know — I think I was 10. My cousin Savitri came to us for a visit during the summer vacation. The two of us and my neighborhood friend Kinni were of the same age. We used to play a lot all day long, but one day in the afternoon I couldn’t find both of them, so I started looking.… Read more>
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Remember me

Nurse Mindy wheeled the squeaky hospital cart through the oncoming rush of concerned family members. Her job was restricted to delivering medicines. And she was glad about it. The things other nurses had to do. She had taken up nursing as a profession, but over the years she’d started hating the cries and wails of patients.… Read more>
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The Sea Urchin

They show you churches, town halls, bell towers for city tours but never hospitals. This was a different place. The air tense, and the hustle, unsettling. Everyone was engrossed doing their own thing in the lobby; waiting to see the doctor, taking care of the patients, getting the medicines… That was when I visited the city hospital of Mauritius, limping with about a dozen sea urchin spines in my left foot.… Read more>
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A mute son

You know — I remember it was June of 1973, because I’d just had my 10th birthday. Kinni and I were coming back from school. As we approached her house I saw that it was full of her female relatives. Kinni ran to her house.… Read more>

Motives, failures and beyond

From a young age, we are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And kids give brilliant replies, like being an astronaut, a writer, a singer, a footballer… In a 2013 TEDx talk, young Logan LaPlante gave a simple, lovely response.… Read more>

A few rants about schools

There I stood in the library, waiting for the book to be stamped and given to me. I was going to be the first person in school to be reading it. The FIRST!! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Luck can’t get better than that.… Read more>
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The Spectrum

While I was driving to college one day, I came across an advertisement for a famous show on the radio, which, on one of the days was going to address the topic of equality for women. In this advertisement, the woman exclaimed, “Real mard auraton ki tarah nahi behave karte” (real men do not act like women).… Read more>
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Touch of the crow

You know… I was 8 or 9 years old I think. I was playing with Kinni, my neighborhood friend at her place. We were running down the hall, dodging each other and giggling. Kinni’s mother was sitting on a mattress in a corner of the hall.… Read more>

Going beyond the written word

In February of 2017, with the help and guidance of my team members, I began drafting the Constitution of TEDxPICT. By the end of two weeks, we’d written down most of the major processes. But as the Constitution got longer, I began to think differently about what we were doing.… Read more>

Fears of settling with mediocrity

Every child is special for their parents. That child is raised to believe that anything and everything is achievable if you work hard; that they should dream big and chase their dreams. My parents used to take me to watch the circus every year.… Read more>