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A Cup of Tea

It was 5pm and the alarm on the phone went off. For the first time ever, it was silenced without being snoozed. How could she think of stealing a few more minutes of sleep while her heart trembled with fear? Her mind was saturated with mugged up chapters.… Read more>
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Of dust that refuses to settle, and floods

On the way to the office today, I came across a huge dust storm. I really don’t know where so much dust came from! It was as if someone had put me straight into a scene from Interstellar – the one before the discovery of the new planet.… Read more>
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The Universe has a strange sense of humor

A few days ago, I was talking to someone who told me that they hadn’t seen a sunset or a sunrise. Metro cities don’t provide a clear view, and the high rises are a distraction to the eyes. I had completely forgotten about a star gazing party organized by the Astronomy Club on the college campus called Celestia.… Read more>
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Punekars and Two-wheelers

Punekars are fantastic drivers. From dodging potholes quicker than one dodges trains in Subway Surfers to going over speed-breakers so fast that you cannot even feel the bump – we are the embodiment of the saying “Ignorance is bliss”. Every Punekar, irrespective of which bike, scooter or bicycle they have, drives it like Batman’s bike.… Read more>
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Ambiverts and Corridors

Being an ambivert is not an easy task. There are extroverts on one side who are judged for being over friendly. On the other side, there are sworn-to-secrecy introverts. It is a problem for the ambiverts though who aren’t too sure about which side of the spectrum they lie on.… Read more>
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Judgment or Perspective

A few months ago, I had the fortune of watching the final episode of Game of Thrones with some of my friends. As we sat watching with utter concentration and eagerness, another friend of mine walked in. “Which movie is this?” he asked.… Read more>
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Trek to Bhrigu Lake

“Tekuji Bachaooooo (Teku uncle please save me),” I shouted as my leg slipped on the snowy mountain slope. We were about to reach Bhrigu lake. It was famous for never freezing completely, even in frigid conditions. After 3 days of trekking, our trip was slowly coming to an end.… Read more>
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It was a beautiful morning. It had just stopped raining and the sun’s rays cast a golden green glow everywhere. Sangita, Kinni, Sonu and I were busy plucking flowers and leaves from the gardens of the entire neighborhood. We were collecting it for today’s Hartalika Puja. … Read more>
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Everyday: A women’s day story

Shalini turned off her laptop and kept the final copy on her boss’s desk. Most of the lights in the office were already out. She checked her phone. 22:40, Saturday, 8th March. She recalled it was Women’s Day.  She’d been too busy today.… Read more>
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Living in Seychelles

When I was 14, my parents got an opportunity to go abroad. It was a big step in their medical careers. Within a few weeks, we’d boarded the plane that took us to a paradise called Seychelles.  There were beautiful, lush green mountains everywhere.… Read more>