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Broken Shoes In New York

When you’re a kid, everything seems grander; all foreign lands, especially the ones too far. So did America. In a strange way, they feel different from us. I wasn’t able to comprehend what exactly contributed to this feeling as a kid.… Read more>
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Those Eyes

Editor’s Note: There are all sorts of bad days. A few have a rational reason and a few don’t. Anxiety can be one such condition. Here’s a story by an author that will give you a close look at a mind clouded with anxiety and will help you get a better take on this subject.… Read more>

Long skirts

My cousin Savitri was just seven months older than me. One day, my mother told me that Savitri was now a ‘big girl’. I immediately understood what she meant. I was definitely not as innocent and foolish as I had been 2 years ago.… Read more>
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India’s Most Fearless

This is a summary of a story from the book India’s Most Fearless. Sqn Ldr Ritul Sharma, nearing 30 and newly married is a MiG 29 pilot. On a clear sunny day in Jamnagar, he was given the task of carrying out certain maneuvers at supersonic speed, to test engine and frame capability to a ‘stretched to the limit’ state.… Read more>
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Of breaks and comebacks

What would happen if you were to run and run, and run for miles without stopping, without water or food, an endless run on an endless road? Well, it’s quite obvious that you would eventually burn out. We’re humans after all.… Read more>
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Adding magic to education

If any real magician decides to tell you the theory behind their trick, they’d be out of business before you could say ‘Magic’. The theories and inner workings of a magic trick are a fun thing to know, but the common man wants to be bamboozled; pulled in by the mystery of the trick; the utterly impossible nature of what he is about to see next.… Read more>

The Numbers

I woke up with a heavy head. Sleep had been difficult to achieve for the past few days, a growing sense of impending doom had been spreading through me, numbing me. The sun’s golden rays streamed through the window. The leaves of the tree outside made eerie dancing shadows on the floor and the wall.… Read more>
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A Cup of Tea

It was 5pm and the alarm on the phone went off. For the first time ever, it was silenced without being snoozed. How could she think of stealing a few more minutes of sleep while her heart trembled with fear? Her mind was saturated with mugged up chapters.… Read more>
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Of dust that refuses to settle, and floods

On the way to the office today, I came across a huge dust storm. I really don’t know where so much dust came from! It was as if someone had put me straight into a scene from Interstellar – the one before the discovery of the new planet.… Read more>
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The Universe has a strange sense of humor

A few days ago, I was talking to someone who told me that they hadn’t seen a sunset or a sunrise. Metro cities don’t provide a clear view, and the high rises are a distraction to the eyes. I had completely forgotten about a star gazing party organized by the Astronomy Club on the college campus called Celestia.… Read more>