Theme reveal: Dreams

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The Coffee Writers Blog is starting something cool this summer! We are glad to announce that we have a theme-based month coming up in June and we’re inviting everyone to write.

Our followers on Instagram have selected ‘Dreams’ as the theme for the month of June. We will be accepting submissions starting from 24th May till 15th June 2018.

More about the theme!

The concept of ‘Dreams’ encompasses a variety of interpretations. Dreams are not only magical but also powerful. They can express so much, so well. Dreams can be extraordinary tools for storytelling – for building a backstory, for revealing the fears, desires or memories of our characters.
Remember the dreams that connect Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort?

Or how the movie Inception explores the world of dreams and gives us a whole new perspective on the power of dreams. Dreams are like movies in which you get to play an active role or sometimes be a silent spectator.

You are free to weave a story or write an article with your own interpretation of the theme. What’s more, we are also accepting poems for the very first time on the blog if they are theme based! You can play with the theme any way you wish to as long as you keep it relevant.

You can take the literal meaning of dreams, the ones that we get while we are sleeping, or the figurative meaning, as in, “I dream of becoming a pilot one day”, or you can add your own interpretation, your own flavor to the theme and come up with something totally different. The articles do not have to be exclusively about dreams, but they should incorporate dreams in a believable manner.

If you’re a writer, the theme will help you get your creative juices flowing. What ‘dreams’ will you weave for our readers? We can’t wait to find out!

You can also submit your posts on our Submit page.

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