Long skirts

My cousin Savitri was just seven months older than me. One day, my mother told me that Savitri was now a ‘big girl’. I immediately understood what she meant. I was definitely not as innocent and foolish as I had been 2 years ago.… Read more>
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It was a beautiful morning. It had just stopped raining and the sun’s rays cast a golden green glow everywhere. Sangita, Kinni, Sonu and I were busy plucking flowers and leaves from the gardens of the entire neighborhood. We were collecting it for today’s Hartalika Puja. … Read more>
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You know — I think I was 10. My cousin Savitri came to us for a visit during the summer vacation. The two of us and my neighborhood friend Kinni were of the same age. We used to play a lot all day long, but one day in the afternoon I couldn’t find both of them, so I started looking.… Read more>
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A mute son

You know — I remember it was June of 1973, because I’d just had my 10th birthday. Kinni and I were coming back from school. As we approached her house I saw that it was full of her female relatives. Kinni ran to her house.… Read more>
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Touch of the crow

You know… I was 8 or 9 years old I think. I was playing with Kinni, my neighborhood friend at her place. We were running down the hall, dodging each other and giggling. Kinni’s mother was sitting on a mattress in a corner of the hall.… Read more>